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How to iron on decals / iron ons to Onesie and T-shirt's using our images

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This is kind of a tutorial on how we put the Iron On Decal Images from our Shop "2 Cute Party Prints" on a shirt.

♥ We RECOMMEND to use Avery 3271 Light Fabric Transfer Paper on light cotton/polyester blend or 100% cotton fabrics.  We usually only make our iron-on decals for WHITE SHIRTS in our Etsy Shop.  If you are using a color shirt please make sure to buy the transfer paper that will work with different color shirts.  Also depending on the type of shirt you are using you may need to buy a different transfer paper.  We recommend using all AVERY transfer papers.  We have tried MANY of them and AVERY is the one we use ♥ 

Please click HERE to go to the instructions for the Avery 3271 Light Fabric Transfer Paper.

These are a few DO'S and DON'TS that we have learned from making shirts with iron on decals:

♥ This has always looked so weird to me - but when you print your image on the transfer paper the image needs to be flipped..  We will email our image to you already flipped and ready to print.  When you cut it out and lay it on the shirt and iron it, it will be the right way.  (Please see first image below)

♥ Make sure to remove any strings or lint that might be on the shirt before you iron on the decal.  I have bought MANY shirts at craft stores to find a few little strings or lint on them from hanging up with the other shirts.  When you iron on your decal where it is white it does not print and when you are using the 3271 anything under the white part will show through.  It almost looks like if you get something on a piece of clear tape.  So I always like to lint roll them, I do it even if I do not see anything.

♥ I like on my white t-shirt decals to leave a little bit (just a tiny bit) around the edges of the design (Please see picture below)  Someone told me to do that a while back and I have always done that.  I'm not 100% sure you have to do that, but I always do :)

♥ Pull the decal off slow, make sure to really follow the directions for that.  I have messed up several shirts not doing that right.

♥ Always make sure to iron for how long the directions say.  I have ironed them for less time and the decal would not stick.

♥ The 3271 Transfer Paper is for Ink Jet Printers, I have learned from experience do NOT try to print them in a laser printer.  It's BAD if you do......

♥  I like to iron my shirt before I start to make sure there are no wrinkles in it.  I always let it cool down before I lay my decal on it.

♥ If anyone has any other tips please let me know and I would LOVE to add them to the list....  Please click HERE to send them to me..  Thanks ♥

Below is a few pictures of some shirts I just made :)

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