Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to assemble Birthday Banners or High Chair Banner

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This is a tutorial of how we like to make our birthday banners using images from our Website
"2 Cute Party Prints"  You can also use this same tutorial to make our High Chair Banners :)  We would make four Square Images like below for our High Chair Banners one would say "I'M" the next would say "ONE" and then you would get two spacer images, one for the beginning and one for the end.  So if would read:
"spacer image I'M ONE spacer image"

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♥ Birthday Banner Images from 2 Cute Party Prints :)
♥ Printer or you can get them printed at an office supply store
♥ 110lb white card-stock
♥ paper cutter or you can use scissors
♥ scissors
♥ single hole paper punch
♥ Ribbon or Tulle

First you will need to print your images out.  We like to print them on 110lb white card-stock.  We make our banner images to print on 8 1/2 x 11 white card-stock on our website.  We save them to print two per page.

Second cut all of the squares out.  I like to use a paper cutter, but you can use scissors for this too.

The third photo shows them all cut out :)

Next you will need to punch holes in the top corners.  Photo's 4 and 5 show how we punch them out.

Then you will tie each one together, we like to use tulle or ribbon.  I like to go in the order of how the banner will read.  I like to start with the spacer image and place the hole in the corner on the top of the next one.  You can see how I do that in photo 6.  To me it makes the banner hang better.  Then I just string the ribbon through the holes and tie it together.  I like to double knot it so I'm sure it will not fall.

Once it's all tied together, I go back and trim the ribbons.

And then you are done with the first word.  I do this on each word.  I like to hang them above each other on the wall.  So it would read like this:


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please click HERE and we will be happy to help.

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