Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to assemble Cupcake Wrappers with our images

Hi :)

This is a tutorial for how to assemble the cupcake wrappers with our images from our Shop "2 Cute Party Prints"

♥ Cupcake Wrapper Images from 2 Cute Party Prints :)
♥ Printer or you can print them at most office supply stores
♥ 110lb white card-stock
♥ double sided tape
♥ regular scotch tape
♥ scissors

To start you will need to print your images out.  We recommend to print them on 110lb white card-stock.

Then using your scissor you just cut it out.

Then you will need to put a piece of double sided tape on one end and roll the two ends together and press them together.  After I do that I like to put a regular piece of scotch tape on the inside to help it stay together better.

And now you have your cupcake wrapper ready to put your cupcakes in :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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