Sunday, August 12, 2012

how to fix the bag toppers using our images

Hi :)

This is a tutorial for our bag topper images from our shop "2 Cute Party Prints"

♥ Bag Topper Image from 2 Cute Party Prints :)
♥ Bags (in this tutorial we used sandwich size bags)
♥ Stapler or Tape - A lot of our customers will use double sided tape for these..  (I do have to admit I worry using a stapler because I have a fear of little ones putting them in their month trying to open them.  Or they can get stuck with them)  So please use your own judgement for which one you use - we can not be held responsible....
♥ Printer or you can print them at most office supply stores
♥ Paper Cutter or Scissors
♥ 110lb white card-stock size 8 1/2 x 11
♥ Something to score the paper with - Please click HERE to see the tips for scoring paper on Martha Stewart's website.

To start you will need to print them and cut them out.

I like to score them down the center to make it easier to fold.  And it gives it a more professional look to score them first.  When you fold card-stock it usually will not fold very straight without scoring it.

Then you just attach them to the baggies :)

Thanks for checking out our tutorial.

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Thanks again!

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