Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to fix candy wrappers with our images :)

Hi :)  

This is a super FUN and super EASY tutorial on how to make cute candy favors for a party with our images from our Shop "2 Cute Party Prints"

♥ Printer or you can get them printed at most office supply stores
♥ Scissors or paper cutter
♥ regular scotch Tape or you could use double sided tape
♥ Regular white 8 1/2 x 11 computer paper
♥ Candy Wrapper Images from 2 Cute Party Prints :)  We make them for mini candy bars, mint / life savers rolls, gum wrappers / for gum like the little packs of Wrigley's and we make them for 1.55 oz Candy Bars too!

♥ If you want to score your paper please check out Martha Stewart's tips - please click HERE to go to them ♥

To make these SUPER CUTE and SUPER FUN candy wrappers all you do is print them out, then you cut them out and then you just tape them around the candy.  Super easy, Right?

You can score them on the spots shown on the images when you print them out, but I usually don't do that.  I like to make stuff as fast as I can and if I can leave out a step I usually do :)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial....

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