Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How you can print our invites and thank you note images :)

This is a tutorial for a couple different ways to print invites and thank you notes. 

1) Print them from home:
If you choose to do this option we recommend you print on white, 8 1/2" x 11" 110lb white card stock. When we send you an image you will have already selected whether you want 4x6 or 5x7.  If you are going to print them at home please let us know before we start your order and we can save them to print several per page.  With the 4x6, we can save two to print per page and with the 5x7 we can also save two to print per page.  Then you just print out how many you want and then cut them out, pick up some envelopes and your ready to go.

2) Print them at a local office supply store or photo lab:
For example, Office Max, Kinko's, CVS or Walgreen's. Now, depending on which store you are going to print them at depends on what type of file you will need us to email you. So please make sure you let us know where you plan on printing them from before we start your order. If you tell us Kinko's, we will make the file format appropriate for printing there, but then you see a sale on CVS's website and go their with the image instead, it will not print correctly.  Now, even though the file formats are going to be different the directions for getting them printed there are pretty much the same. If your not too comfortable about going to a company's website and uploading pictures and placing an order, the other option is to save the images to a jumpdrive and just take it in and let the associate help you on printing them out. I will say that you will usually get a better deal and even get prints on sale if you go through their websites to print them out. But either way will work fine.

Here are a couple of websites you can go through to print out your images.

CVS Photo Website

Walgreen's Photo Website


Office Max Photo Website

As you can see, our images have many options to get them printed and for any budget. And remember, we can print them for you as well!

If you are printing them at size 4 x 6 you will need to get A-6 envelopes
If you are printing them at size 5 x 7 you will need to get A-7 envelopes.

We get our 4 x 6 envelopes usually at OfficeMax.  We also get 4 x 6 ones online at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  For our 5 x 7 envelopes we always order those from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Their are TON'S of places you can get them - those two our just our favorites.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  

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