Monday, January 7, 2013

How to print our Address Labels

This tutorial is to show how to print the address labels that you can purchase from our shop.

We make our labels to be used with the Avery 5160 White Address Labels.

When you order the address labels we will send you one image that is sized to fit the Avery 5160 Template. When we send you the image you will need to save it on your computer.  Then you can go on Avery's website and download the template HERE.  Once you download the template you will open it in Words - then you will go up to insert, then click picture and then click on the address label image.  It will insert it into one of the boxes on the template.  Usually after you insert the image in the template you will need to put your cursor at the front of the image and backspace one time (that will make it center)  Then you just do the same thing until you fill the whole template with your address label.  (below are sample images to show how to put the images in the template)

On the package of address labels it will tell you how to load it in your printer....

 1. Download template on your computer from Avery's Website and then Open it in Word.

(You may need to click on the first box at the top so your cursor will show up)

2. Click Insert

3. Click Picture and then double click on the label image we sent you.

You may need to put your cursor at the front of the image and hit backspace - this is so you can make sure the image is center.

4. Then you just insert the image in each box.  You can either click on insert and picture again or you can copy and paste them.

Now you are ready to print :)

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you have found this tutorial helpful.
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